Where to Buy Saffron

Have you ever had the chance of eating a dish with saffron in it? Well, you’ll never know if you have no idea at all what this world’s most precious spice can do to your food. People exposed to this kind of spice in their life swear there’s this unmistakable flavour and aroma that make food kind of sweet, almost with a flower-like taste and yumminess.

Other culinary specialists describe the spice as having a delicate somewhat grassy and earthly fragrance and taste with a close resemblance to honey and floral flavour. Additionally, it gives any dish a striking golden hue. But can you find saffron anywhere?

Where Can You Find Saffron?

If there are large grocery stores and specialty markets in an area, for sure there’s saffron for sale. It can be found being grown in Aussie locations like the alpine valleys of northeast Victoria, throughout most of Tasmania and the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range in central New South Wales. As well, the spice grows abundantly in the Yarra Valley of Victoria and in the Mount Lofty Ranges of South Australia. But saffron is also widely available online. To avoid going through the hassle of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, why not place an order from Saffron and More?  

The site is owned and managed by an Australian who is proud of her Iranian heritage – Parya Zaghand. She was able to build an enterprise that centred on the appetising delicacies of Persia, mostly flavoured with premium Persian Saffron. The website further sells other high-quality Persian ingredients. So, if you ever need to offer something unique to family and friends or during special social occasions, don’t forget to spice up your meals with saffron from Zaghand’s Saffron and More.

What Dishes Go Well with Saffron?

You should know that when food and desserts are spiced with saffron even with just a small pinch, you get food items that show their brilliant colours and amazing flavours. Experts say that where food is graced with vanilla, saffron can also be a perfect match. So, just imagine how mouth-watering your cookies and custards can be if mixed with the spice.

Also, try the following food with just a dash of saffron – butter chicken stuffed with dates, veggie salad with saffron dressing, crab risotto, shellfish stew, pistachio chocolate cookies, fish stew, seafood pasta and a lot more.

Now, if you’ve gone tired of the usual fanfare, level up your dining table with a Persian touch.  Bring out a new twist and cheerfulness to your culinary creations by experimenting with exotic food. And by this, we mean new textures, flavours, aromas and colours to food. Use only authentic saffron. You would know it’s a cheap imitation if the food will taste bitter with a metallic, plastic tinge to it. To know where to buy saffron in Australia, check out this link.

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