Seaweed Soup – Cooking With Algae

Algae may be helpful in many situations. Algae work for instance utilized as food for humans and for live stock, is also incorporated in many health products and cosmetics. Seaweed is predominately gulped reduced South-East Asia, particularly in China, Japan, and Korea, but it’s getting more and more popular outdoors this range for every year that passes.

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If you wish to incorporate more algae in what you eat you can for example try red algae inside the genus Porphyra. In Asian cuisine, this alga is frequently referred to as nori. It is not generally eaten fresh it’s rather harvested, dried and pressed into thin sheets. These sheets will probably be found in many dishes, from sushi and soups to sauces and condiments. Two most generally used types of red algae are Porphyra yezoensis and Porphyra tenera.

You believe you have not eaten algae? For me you’ve! Must be fact, next time you gulp lower some frozen goodies or pour syrup over your desert you may be eating brown algae. Alginic acidity, a typical stabilizer for emulsions and suspensions, arises from brown algae. In addition for that food industry, it’s also appreciated by paint producers.

Brown algae aren’t really the only kind of algae will stabilize food. Red algae are widely-used to make products Agar and Carrageenan which inserts wonders when you want to stabilize foods for example puddings and canned meat. Agar can also be utilized by scientists who’re needed to develop bacteria, fungi and cell structures round the nutritious gel, while Carrageenan can be a well-loved addition for shampoos.

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Have to try some mouth-watering algae dishes within your kitchen? This is often a recipe for Seaweed Soup.


o 1 pound of ground pork

o 2 quarts water

o 1 cube of chicken bouillon

o 1 (large) can of sliced water chestnuts

o 3 sheets of nori (dry seaweed)

o 1 egg

o Salt to taste

o 4 eco-friendly onions

o 3/4 teaspoon of sesame oil

How to handle it:

1.) Prepare the floor pork over medium heat until browned. Use a large saucepan since you will be adding more ingredients.

2.) Drain off extra fat.

3.) Add water and provide it having a boil.

4.) Reduce the heat lower to medium again by departing the dish to simmer with no lid on for roughly fifteen minutes.

5.) Stir within the bouillon cube and make certain it dissolves completely.

6.) Adding chestnuts.

7.) Break the nori into peaces while growing the saucepan.

8.) Beat the egg within the separate bowl.

9.) Stir within the egg.

10.) Add salt to taste.

11.) Chop the eco-friendly onions.

12.) Eliminate the saucepan inside the heat before adding the onions.

13.) Stir in sesame oil.

14.) Bon appetite!

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