How to plan the best pizza party for your loved ones?

Pizza parties are one major attraction for any type of special event or get together. Everyone loves the idea of a pizza party in the menu. Regardless of the age, group, and gender you are hosting the party, pizza is a favorite of most people and thus, expect a yes by them on your invitation!

Pizza party like the one organized by Double Pizza online can be a hit if you plan it well. Don’t worry; we have some tips for larger groups that will make your event a big hit! These pizza party tips will come in handy for you regardless of the event you have planned.

7 Tips to plan the best pizza party for your loved ones:

  1. Decide the location: Decide a proper location for the occasion. Pizzas can be a mess if the party is for kids. Thus, you cannot get your interiors spoiled. Plan a pizza party in your backyard or verandah. Booking your party location at the pizza center will save you from the cleaning and maintenance cost post party.
  2. Plan the date and time: Set a proper date and time for the pizza party. If you want more guests to join in, weekend is a perfect idea. Take confirmation from everyone and expect them to give you an answer so that you can place your orders accordingly.
  3. Use pizza pictures on the invite: Pizza is one of the most attractive dishes to enjoy. Make your invitation more appealing by adding pizza pictures and images to attract the guests.
  4. Order enough pieces: Order enough if you want to prevent embarrassment of last moment food shortage. The best part of excess pizza pieces is you can warm it the next day and enjoy in your breakfast.
  5. Go for personal pizza: Instead of ordering large pizza pieces, order personal pans. The toppings in personal pans are more than on large size pizza base. Your pizza delivery agent will guide you on the best bulk options available.
  6. Check the drinks on combo: Look for brands like Double Pizza online that have combo offers on pizza and soft drinks. These both make a perfect combination.
  7. Set the ambiance: Set proper ambiance for pizza party. Hand pizza banners along with banners of occasion such as birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc… You can plan a theme as well for wall, table, and chair décor.

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